Available Shop Classes

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    Shop Safety

    A Required Class.  In order to be in the Shop, all participants begin with this single 2 hour Orientation.

    2 hrs                                   $25

  • Tablesaw & Miter Saw

    An in-depth look at the Table Saw, its accessories and blades.  From setup to micro adjustment. Essential for safe accurate use. 

    3 hrs                             $50

  • Round Table

    Topical discussions w/ expert advisers and   professional woodworkers.  A fun evening.  Everyone is welcome!  Ask any question. 

    1.5 hrs                            FREE

  • Router 101.jpg

    Routers 101

    The powered handheld Router is a mainstay and incredibly versatile tool for the workshop.

    3 hrs                                 $50

  • Router 201.jpg

    Routers 201

    Router Tables + specialty bits and accessories that expand the capacities of the tool.

    3 hrs                                 $50

  • Sharpening.jpg


    Essential and Highly recommended.  It’s simply impossible to do good woodwork without sharp tools.

    3 hrs                                 $60

  • plane1-1-1024x681.jpg

    Hand Plane

    Review several types of planes and their uses. How to 'tune-up' and restore your plane to smooth perfection.

    3 hrs                                 $50

  • planner 3.jpg

    Jointer & Planner

    Two most important shop machines so you can begin with straight and flat wood stock of uniform thickness.  Begin well... end well. 

    3 hrs                                   $50

  • cabinetry 1.jpg

    Cabinetry - Kitchen and Bath

    Learn Cabinetry basics by building an upper or lower base cabinet for Kitchen, Bath, or Shop. End panel cabinet with a drawer and a door teaches you quite a lot about cabinetry. 

        5 sessions  -  15 hrs  Total           $250  (+ $125 for/materials)

  • Relief Wood Carving

    Wood carving at its basic best all the way to intricate detail.  Learn solid fundamentals, make treasured gifts and keepsakes.

         2 sessions  -  13 hrs.  Total         $120    (includes all materials)

  • joiners horse2.jpg

    Joiners Horse

    The Joiner’s Horse is a solid-compact portable and versatile.  On-site and in space challenged shops.  Holds anything securely.

    2 days                            $215

  • 20190222_034616.jpg

    Foot Stool Classic

    Woodcrafter challenge.  Use all your tools. Disassembles in seconds - beautiful hardwood, sturdy, and handy as heck.

    2 days                             $190

  • Band saw 3.JPG

    Bandsaw & Drill Press

    An in-depth review of each machine’s design, parts and accessories, inc. the safe and accurate operation of the tool.

    3 hrs                                   $50

  • Test-Out-Day

    Required for Certification in order to independently operate the Wood Shop’s tools. Your demonstration to Staff of tool proficiency.

    $10                per/tool test

  • handtools 2.jpg

    Intro to Hand Tools

    An in-depth review of the primary Hand Tools that every wood worker should have in their possession.   A great overall orientation.

    3 hrs                                   $35

  • 02013-wood-008.jpg

    Know Your Wood

    Understanding wood characteristics and suitability for your project. Think long-term... worry about the wood.  Hands-on experience.

        2 sessions   -  6 hrs. Total

    $120    (includes all  materials)

  • joinery 2.jpg

    Joinery 101 & 201

    2 Classes exploring the many ways of Joining one piece of wood to another. Best taken sequentially, but you can choose 1 or both.


    $50 ea.        ($100  f/ both)

  • carving.jpg

    Intro Wood Carving

    A great introduction and orientation to tools and techniques of woodcarving. Try them, test them out, and find the right ones for you.

    2 hrs                                   $50

  •  Cabinet and Card Scrapers

    You've been sanding way too much!  Professionals use cabinet and hand scrapers to quickly smooth wood, w/o all the dust.

    3 hrs                                 $50

  • Hand-Held Power and Air Tools

    Participants experience the safe and proper use the most common of handheld power and air driven tools. 

    3-4 hrs                              $100

  • Dovetail saw.jpg

    Dovetail Saw

    Fine wood handles, brass backs, and spring steel, you’ll have a finer saw than can be purchased in any store.

    2 days                             $260

  • Get a Handle on it!

    Participants in this class will shape a blank of wood into a handle for a hammer, or perhaps a hatchet, maul, etc. 

    3-4 hrs                              $125

  • Stool pic 4.jpg

    Make a 3 Legged Shop Stool

    The ubiquitous Shop Stool, a great intro to hand tools and woodcraft using the finest hardwoods.  They often end up in the house! 

        3 sessions – 15 hrs. Total 

    $120     (includes all materials)

  • Circular Saw Intensive

    A hands-on experience safely operating this saw in a variety of cuts and situations. A real confidence builder.

    2 hrs                                   $75

  • Wood Shop Ver. 2.0

    Let’s build something!  I'll bet you got a taste of Wood Shop somewhere in our past, and now is the time for a resurgence.

        4 sessions - 16 hrs.  Total        $350    (+ $$ Supplies)

  •  Bird Carving 101

    Bird carving is woodcraft at its finest.  In-depth start to finish techniques and tools, inc. wood burning & painting to completion. 

        5 sessions   -   32 hrs  Total         $250  (includes all  materials)

  •  “Finish Carpentry Intensive” 

    Learn to perform the work that can make or break your project – or – launch your career

        8 sessions   -   48 hrs.  Total


  • Construction Prep

    A hands-on intensive class to prepare students with construction knowledge and experience. Learn from Whidbey's Finest.

    40 hrs                             TBD

  • Intro to Wood Turning

    An introduction to the essentials of wood lathe operation. Learn from Whidbey's finest.

                  4 day/classes

     3 hrs ea.                       $350

  • How to Build a Tiny House

    and "Everything in it"

    Learn layout and design, material and cost estimates, and start building From Framing to Furniture and Counters and Cabinets,


    A Class Series         $$TBD

  • Build a Kayak or Canoe

    Build a kit Cedar Strip Canoe or Kayak and make a drop-dead beautiful watercraft.


    A Class Series              $$TBD

The Learning Lab is comprised of The Wood Shop, The Kitchen,

and The Garden/Greenhouse and located in the new South Whidbey Community Center

(old Middle School) and just behind WICA

 Sponsored by:   Living Design Foundation  a 501(c)(3)

723 Camano Ave. Langley WA 98260

Tel: 970-381-4091