During this COVID-19 outbreak... public Wood Shop Classes are on Hiatus until there is more accurate information available.

Com'on over. No Fee. No Reservations. Just some carvers carving. Wednesday Nite Free Carving started back in May and is gaining popularity. We've extended the casual...
Free Wed Nite Carving - 6-8:30pm
The appropriate uses of the different glues used in Woodworking. Then, there are the different types of clamps and their proper use to keep the wood aligned and to achie...
Glues and Clamping
Started Jan 9
Router Tables + specialty bits and accessories that expand the capacities of the tool. We pick up where “Routers 101” left off. The class includes a review the many acce...
Started Jan 16
A John Shinneman classic. Pull 2 pegs and is stows away flat, and goes back together just like that. A fine balance of elegance and sturdy dependability. You'll be tes...
Mortise and Tenon Footstool (2-days)
Started Jan 18
An in-depth review of each machine’s design, parts and accessories, inc. the safe and accurate operation of the tools. The greater portion of this class will be dedicate...
Band Saw and Drill Press
Started Jan 23
Hand Sawn; Hand Planed and Scraped; Rubbed Smooth Hone Your Woodworking Skills - Keep it Simple. Make it Elegant. Limited to 6 people, this is a 3 hour class to make ...
Japanese Serving Boards
Started Jan 25
Hand Sawn; Hand Smoothed. Let your imagination Wander. Find out what the Wood has to say, and there'll be few straight lines. Hone Your Woodworking Skills. Li...
Rustic Serving Board
Started Jan 25
Start Using Bento Boxes and ditch the Plastic and Disposables Typically, Bentos have two to four portioned compartments to fill different varieties of food. Just big e...
Japanese Bento Boxes
Started Feb 1
An in-depth review of the machine’s design, parts and accessories, inc. the safe and accurate operation of the Table Saw. This includes the parts of the saw and its func...
Table Saw
Started Jan 28
This is all about how to setup and use these fabulous time-saving machines. This class includes how each tool works, their cutter heads and types, and best practices for ...
Started Jan 30
A great way to learn some of the fundamentals of Woodworking - and have something to show for it.
Charcuterie Board - Simple
Started Feb 1
Learn to Sharpen just about anything. Bring your Hedge Trimmers, Axe/Hatchet, Pruning Shears/Loppers, Scissors, etc.
Sharpening Everything Else
Started Feb 6
Learn to Sharpen Single Bevel Edges like Chisels and Plane Irons. You don't need to bring your own for this class, but perhaps you have an old one, or a new one that won...
Sharpening Chisels and Planes
Started Feb 4
Learn to sharpen and use card and cabinet scrapers to remove flawed surfaces. Some surfaces are dulled and take on a ‘flat’ look after sanding. "Most domestic Europ...
Card & Cabinet Scrapers
Started Feb 13
Another John Shinneman classic. The Joiner’s Horse is a solid-compact work-holding shop or work-site companion that is portable and versatile. . It will hold the work p...
Joiner's Horse ( 2 days)
Started Feb 15
Explore the many ways of Joining one piece of wood to another, from screws and glue to special cut wood joints. Demonstrations are provided. The class will include: an ...
Started Feb 20
Practice Drawing to scale, how to sketch details and think your way through your project. Materials Lists and Cost Estimates and Cut Sheets are covered, Working Drawing...
Shop Drawing ( 2 part class)
Started Feb 25
Picking up from Joinery 101, we further explore the many ways of Joining one piece of wood to another, from screws and glue to special cut wood joints. Demonstrations ar...
Started Feb 27
Over 60 Volunteers have contributed thousands of hours to refurbish the facilities and provide programing for the Learning Lab's Wood Shop, Kitchen, and Garden.  Let's gi...
Volunteer Celebration
Started Feb 28
The first step to utilizing the Wood Shop... so that everyone is on the same page regarding rules and expectations. So long as one is signed up for the next available Sa...
Safety and Orientation (Feb)
Started Feb 29